Kathleen Schroeder

Kathleen SchroederDr. Kathy Schroeder, Professor
323b Rankin Science West

Ph.D., Minnesota, 1995

Curriculum Vitae

 Research and Interests:

Kathleen's research interests include global economic restructuring and issues of gender and development. She has spent a good deal of time in Latin America and particularly in Bolivia where she has conducted research since 1992. Dr. Schroeder spent the Spring Semester of 2005 back in Bolivia examining its current political geography. In May of 2005 she led a field trip to the Indian Himalaya with a former ASU student Keith Bosak. They explored issues of sustainable mountain development.

Kathleen's favorite courses to teach include regional geography (World, Latin America and a graduate seminar) and economic geography. She recently developed a course on political geography which she is offering for the first time during the Fall Semester of 2005.

Recent Publications:

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