Renew ESRI License (ArcGIS & CityEngine)

This form is for exisiting CityEngine and ArcGIS single-use license users and users requesting access to ArcGIS Pro. For users wishing to have ArcGIS, CityEngine, or ArcGIS Pro installed on their personal laptops, please take your computer to the Computer Support Center for installation and licensing.

Please fill out the form below to renew an existing ArcGIS, Pro, or CityEngine single-use license. All single-use license files expire on July 30th of each year and may be renewed as long as you are affiliated with the university.

If yes is selected, license files will be emailed to For all resnet requests, please fill out the form for the computer owner.
License files will only be delivered to email addresses.
Please select the option that best describes you.
Please select which version of CityEngine or ArcGIS you currently have installed. Each license will expire on July 30th.