4+1 Graduate Degree in Geography

A 4+1 Master’s degree in Geography would allow Geography and Planning undergraduate majors to begin their graduate educations in Geography before finishing their baccalaureate degree.

The Rules

  • No hours can be double counted (students still need 122 for a BA/BS and 30 (thesis) or 36 (non-thesis) for the MA. 
  • A student in his/her senior year would apply to the Graduate Program in Geography. 
  • Applications do NOT need to be complete before the student starts taking graduate-level courses.
  • The commencement of graduate-level courses does NOT guarantee that the student will be accepted into the graduate program.
  • A student could not register for GHY 5900 (Internship in Geography) until the completion of a reasonable number of graduate-level credits (18).
  • The 4+1 option could be used by a student wishing to pursue any graduate option in the program, i.e., Thesis (237A), General (237B), Planning (237C), GI Science (237)

Sample program

for student wishing to pursue a 4+1 (36 credit General Concentration)

Senior Year
Fall Semester 
Regular Undergraduate Course Load + 6 Graduate Hours 
GHY 5000 
GHY 5800

Senior Year
Spring Semester  
Regular Undergraduate Course Load + 6 Graduate Hours 
GHY 5812 
GHY 5100 or GHY 5130

+1 Year 
Fall Semester (9 graduate hours)

+1 Year 
Spring Semester (9 graduate hours)

+1 Year 
Summer (6 hours graduate internship)

For further information

Contact Dr. Kathleen Schroeder at schroederk@appstate.edu