Accelerated Admissions Graduate Degree in Geography

The Accelerated Admissions Master’s in Geography allows Geography and Planning undergraduate majors to begin their graduate educations in Geography before finishing their baccalaureate degree.

The Rules

  • No hours can be double counted (students still need 122 for a BA/BS and 30 (thesis) or 36 (non-thesis) for the MA. 
  • A student in his/her senior year would apply to the Graduate Program in Geography. 
  • Applications do NOT need to be complete before the student starts taking graduate-level courses.
  • The commencement of graduate-level courses does NOT guarantee that the student will be accepted into the graduate program.
  • A student could not register for GHY 5900 (Internship in Geography) until the completion of a reasonable number of graduate-level credits (18).
  • The 4+1 option could be used by a student wishing to pursue any graduate option in the program, i.e., Thesis (237A), General (237B), Planning (237C), GIScience (237)

Example Program

The following is an example program for a student wishing to pursue a 4+1 (36 Credit General Concentration).

Senior Year
Fall Semester 
Regular Undergraduate Course Load + 6 Graduate Hours 
GHY 5000 
GHY 5800

Senior Year
Spring Semester  
Regular Undergraduate Course Load + 6 Graduate Hours 
GHY 5812 
GHY 5100 or GHY 5130

+1 Year 
Fall Semester (9 Graduate Hours)

+1 Year 
Spring Semester (9 Graduate Hours)

+1 Year 
Summer (6 Hours Graduate Internship)

Further Information

For further information, contact Dr. Kathleen Schroeder at