Jessica Mitchell


Dr. Jessica Mitchell

285 Rankin Science West


Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Engineering and Applied Science - Geosciences, Idaho State University, 2011

M.S., GIScience, Idaho State University, 2007

B.S., Geography and Environmental Systems, University Maryland Baltimore County, 2001






My research combines applied remote sensing research with environmental assessment experience to advance new tools for land management decision making and quantitative impact analysis. I am currently evaluating techniques for scaling vegetation structure, canopy chemistry and biodiversity variables from leaves and individuals to plots, landscapes and regions. The data I work with includes traditional plot-based measurements, ground and airborne laser scanning (lidar) and imaging spectroscopy estimates and time series satellite observations. Vegetation applications include 1) mapping canopy chemistry to explore diversity patterns and interactions with foraging behavior, 2) predicting phytodiversity variables from structural and optical heterogeneity, 3) developing scalable shrub structural measurements for climate modeling, and 5) quantitatively assessing impacts to natural resources (e.g., hemlock decline).

Courses Taught

  • GHY 3310 – Environmental Remote Sensing
  • GHY 3812 – Introduction to GIS
  • GHY 4810 / 5810 – Digital Image Processing
  • GHY 4812 – Advanced GIS
  • ENV 1010 – Introduction to Environmental Science and Engineering
  • GLY – ENV 4110 – Environmental Management and Impact Analysis


Selected Publications

Mitchell, J., Glenn, N., Anderson, M. and Hruska, R., 2016. Flight Considerations and Hyperspectral Image Classifications for Dryland Vegetation Management from a Fixed-wing UAS. Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, 5(2), 41-57.

Olsoy, P., Mitchell, J., Glenn, N., Levia, D., and Clark, P. 2015. Estimation of big sagebrush leaf area index with terrestrial laser scanning, Ecological Indicators, 61 (2), 815-821.

Li, A., Glenn, N. F., Olsoy, P. J., Mitchell, J. J., & Shrestha, R. 2015. Aboveground biomass estimates of sagebrush using terrestrial and airborne LiDAR data in a dryland ecosystemAgricultural and Forest Meteorology213, 138-147.

Mitchell, J., Shrestha, R., Spaete, L., and Glenn N. 2015. Combining airborne LiDAR and Hyperspectral data across local sites for upscaling shrubland structural information, Remote Sensing of Environment, 167, 98-110.

Mitchell, J., Moore, C., and Glenn, N. 2013. Single and multi-date Landsat classifications of basalt to  support Soil Survey efforts, Remote Sensing, 5(10), 4857-4899.

Hruska, R., Mitchell, J., Anderson, M. and N. Glenn, N, Halford, A. and Baun, C. 2012. Radiometric  and geometric analysis of hyperspectral imagery acquired from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  (UAV), Remote Sensing, 4, 2736-2752.

Mitchell, J., Glenn, N., Sankey, T., Derryberry, D. and Germino, M. 2012. Hyperspectral remote  sensing of sagebrush canopy nitrogen, Remote Sensing of Environment, 124, 217-223.

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Mitchell, J. J., and Glenn, N. F. 2009. Matched filter subpixel abundance estimates in mixture-tuned  matched filter classifications of leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.). International Journal of Remote Sensing, 30(23), 6099-6119.