• Promote the understanding of the spatial dimensions of human behavior within the physical and cultural systems of the earth and the role of planning in achieving improvement in those systems.
  • Offer a well-balanced curriculum which will aid students in finding productive places in society.
  • Maintain a faculty and staff dedicated to teaching, scientific research, and community and regional service.
Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • B.S. degree in General Geography 
  • B.S. degree in Geography with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 
  • B.S. degree in Community & Regional Planning
  • B.A. degree in Geography 
  • Minor in Geography 
  • Minor in Community & Regional Planning 
  • Undergraduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 
  • The Honors College at Appalachian
Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

  • Thesis:
    • M.A. in Geography
  • Non-Thesis:
    • M.A. in Geography - Geography concentration
    • M.A. in Geography - GIS concentration
    • M.A. in Geography - Planning concentration
    • M.A. in Geography - Climate Change concentration
    • Graduate Minor in Geography
  • Certificate:
    • Graduate Certificate in GIS
    • Graduate Certificate in Planning
    • Graduate Certificate in Climate Change