Faculty & Staff


Saskia van de Gevel
Department Chair & Professor
Professional Ethics; Endangered Mountain Ecosystems; Dendrochronology; Biogeography
Robert N. Brown
Humanistic Geography; American South; New Orleans; Historical Geography; Ethnography
Professor (Phased Retirement)
GIScience for Watershed, Flood, & Environmental Modeling; Remote Sensing in Mountain Environments
Associate Professor
Nationalism & Geopolitics; Peacebuilding; International Forced Migration; Conflict & Reconciliation in Ireland
Hydroclimatic Change & Variablity; Environmental Decision-Making & Communication; Water Security
Dr. Derek Martin
Graduate Program Director & Associate Professor
River System Dynamics; Geomorphology; Hydrology
Professor (Phased Retirement)
Global Change; Flood Hydrology; Geomorphology
Community Service & Leadership; Academic Advising
Alex O'Neill
Environmental Modeling; Mountain Hazard Modeling; Glacier-Climate Interactions
Alpine Precipitation; Snow & Ice; Glacier-Climate Interactions; Climate Change
Josh Platt
GIS Lab Supervisor and Adjunct Instructor
Fluvial Geomorphology; Appalachian Health & Environment
Dr. Christine Quattro
Assistant Professor
Environmental Justice; Regulatory Law; and City and Regional Planning Systems
Mental Health & Greenspace; Climate Change & Mental Health; Mental Health Cluster Analysis
Latin America; Gender & Development; Food Systems
Associate Professor & Planning Program Director
Transportation; Land Use Travel Behavior & Active Travel; Community Development; Rural Resilience
Assistant Professor
Satellite Altimetry; Hydrosphere & Cryosphere Remote Sensing; Climate Change Impacts on Lake Hydrology
Dendroclimatology; Dendroecology; Climatology
Mark Spond
National Park Service Liaison
Conservation; Environmental History; National Parks; Biogeography
Associate Professor & Department Honors Director
Climate & Human Health; Human Vulnerability to Environmental Hazards; Public Health; GIS; Spatial Statistics
Associate Professor
Climate Physical & Human Dimensions; Geographic Information for Communication & Visualization
Bhuwan Thapa
Assistant Professor
Quantitative Modeling of Food Systems; Water-Food-Energy Nexus; Climate Resilience; Environmental Decision-Making