Dr. Christine Quattro


Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania

A.M. in City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania

M.S. in Student Affairs Administration, Binghamton University

B.S. in Education, Earth Sciences, State University of New York at Oswego

Certificate in College and University Teaching, University of Pennsylvania

Certificate in Organizational Leadership, Binghamton University


Dr. Chris Quattro's research specializes in the implications of land development regulations, including environmental justice, social equity, and ecological impacts. They previously served as a Zoning Board Member for Yeadon, PA, the Director of City Planning and Development for San Antonio City Council District 1, and the Director of Student Affairs for the Southwest School of Art. Other endeavors include various positions for community non-profit organizations, arts institutions, and educational programs. Chris also consults with a land use law firm in San Antonio, TX as their Lead Land Development Researcher.

Courses Taught

PLN 2410: Town, City, and Regional Planning (Introduction/General Education)

PLN 3432: Planning Techniques

PLN 4450: Inside the Sustainable City (Undergraduate)

PLN 3730: Land, Property, and Law

PLN 4700: Planners in Action (Planning Studio course)

PLN 5431: Planning Methods Techniques

PLN 5450: Inside the Sustainable City (Graduate)

PLN 5730: Land Use Controls and Planning Law Ethics

Title: Assistant Professor, Environmental Justice; Regulatory Law; and City and Regional Planning Systems
Department: Geography and Planning

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