Ole Gade

Ole Gade and wifeOle Gade, Professor Emeritus, 2003

BS – Economics, Florida State U., 1962
MA – Geography, Florida State U., 1963
PhD – Geography, Michigan State U., 1972

Current Research Interests


With my retirement I am continuing work on our 2002 North Carolina: People and Environments by posting the entire work to the designated departmental web page, and then gradually updating and upgrading the analysis as data from the 2010 Census, other data, and new scientific research critical to North Carolina becomes available. In addition I continue to maintain an active interest in research in arenas of newfound interest:

  • Historic cartography emphasizing the relevance of mapped information in the 400 years of history, 16th thru 19th C., of the Guyanas; my research into documents and mapped materials ranging from the Library of Congress, Newbery Library, and Duke University Library to the National Libraries of Brazil and Argentina and the British Library in London is providing ample evidence that historic cartography reveals territorial histories in context and detail not covered in published historic accounts
  • North Carolina land conservation movement with emphasis on recent years of rapid growth; I am expecting this to initially evolve into a new chapter in the North Carolina volume 
Selected Recent Presentations and Publications

Ole Gade, “The Evolving Urban and Economic Structure Since 1900,” in D. Gordon   
     Bennett and Jeffrey. C. Patton (Eds.) A Geography of the Carolinas.  Boone NC:
     Parkway Publishers, 2008, pp. 95-140. (provides context for understanding our current
     malaise; available upon request)
Ole Gade and Roni Ellis. Biking the Country Roads of Watauga. Valle Crucis NC: Mast
     Farm Inn, 2008. (64pp. ill.) (see web page:www.wataugaleisurebiking.com for details)
Ole Gade, “Treaty atlases and evolution of geographical-historical knowledge: A case
     study of the Guyanas,” paper presented at the 22nd International Conference on the
     History of Cartography, Berne, Switzerland, July 7-17, 2007. Abstracted in
     Conference Abstracts, pp. 190-191.
Ole Gade, Art Rex, and Jim Young (with Baker Perry). North Carolina: People and
(2ndEd.) Boone NC: Parkway Press, 2002 (625 pp. ill.) (see NC Book)
Ole Gade, “Western Europe: Supra-nationalism, Regionalism and Nascent Nationalism,”
      in D. Gordon Bennett (Ed.) Tension Areas of the World. Dubuque IA: Kendall-Hunt
      Press, 1998, pp. 183-206.
Longin Pastusiak. Chicago: Portret Miesta. Warsaw, Poland: Wydawniatwo “Wiedza
      Powszechna”, 1997, (cover design and 10 pages of color photography by Ole Gade).
Ole Gade, “Overlapping Regions, Troubled Localities: The Impact of Declining
      Federalism in North Carolina”, in 28th International Geographical Congress Abstract
     Book. Utrecht, The Netherlands: Stichting Internationale Congress, 1996, pp. 145-146.


I would love to hear from alumni and students from my classes and programs at Appalachian since 1970. Contact me thru my e-mail at gadeo@appstate.edu