Kathleen Schroeder


Ph.D., Minnesota, 1995

Research and Interests

Kathleen's research interests include food systems, and issues of gender and development. She has spent a good deal of time in Latin America and particularly in Bolivia where she has conducted research since 1992. Dr. Schroeder served as Department Chair of Geography and Planning from 2010 to 2020 and has now returned to the faculty full time.

Kathleen particularly enjoys teaching regional geography courses both World Regional (GHY 1020) and Latin America (GHY 3014) because they allow her to examine in depth some of the places that she loves. She also enjoys her course Geography of Food (GHY 3700) because a geographic examination of food systems tells us so much about what a society values. She recently has begun a project mentoring graduate students at the University of Free State in South Africa where Appalachian has an exchange program.

Recent Publications

Cynthia A. Wood, Sarah Banks, Shari Galiardi, Jennifer Koehn, and Kathleen Schroeder. 2011. "Community Impacts of International Service-Learning and Study Abroad: An Analysis of Focus Groups with Program Leaders" Partnerships: A Journal of Service Learning & Civic Engagement. Vol. 2, No. 1 (pdf)

Schroeder, Kathleen, Cynthia Wood, Shari Galiardi, and Jenny Koehn. 2009. “First, Do No Harm: Ideas for Mitigating Negative Community Impacts of Short-Term Study Abroad.” Journal of Geography. 108(3):141-147.

Title: Professor
Department: Geography and Planning

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Phone: (828) 262-7055

Office address
Rankin Science West 285


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