Vision and Mission


The North Carolina Geographic Alliance (NCGA) envisions geography having a valued place in North Carolina. Geography is essential to prepare North Carolina students as productive citizens; the NCGA is committed to the goal of achieving geographic literacy and proficiency for students in North Carolina’s schools. Our vision is to develop among educators, governmental decision makers, and the general population an understanding of the full scope and value of geography. 


  1. To provide educators with effective and relevant professional development, support, and materials focusing on geographic concepts, content, and pedagogy.
  2. To educate legislators and education decision-makers at the local, state and national levels about the relevance of geography in the 21st century and to motivate and inspire action within the context of curriculum design, professional development, connections between elementary, secondary, and university systems, and professional associations.
  3. To cultivate awareness among parents of students and the public at large of the importance of geo-literacy and to actively engage citizens in the development of geo-literacy and the institutional structures that will support this mission.  

Core Values

  1. Education equips students with the knowledge to be informed, active citizens and to compete in the global marketplace.
  2. Teachers are the foundation of our education system and must be supported through effective and relevant professional development.
  3. Geography is and should remain an integral part of the curriculum of North Carolina schools.
  4. The North Carolina Geographic Alliance is a collegial organization of volunteers based on a mutual passion for geography education.
  5. Our organization and initiatives shall be based on fairness, openess, and democratic principles.
  6. Input from those outside the education system is vital support for the strategies and activities at the NCGA

Improving Geography Education Story Map: