Teaching Resources

Teacher Consultants for the North Carolina Geographic Alliance have developed numerous materials over the years. These materials have focused on many topics, grade levels, geographic skills, and regions. Resource development continues to be a priority for the North Carolina Geographic Alliance. Resources from other organizations can be found in the Supplemental Resources section.

Publications & Special Projects

North Carolina in Maps: Map Activities (1995)

Part I & Part II & Part III & Part IV (PDFs, 2-4 MB each) 

North Carolina's Place in the World: A Series of Map Activities (1996) (PDF, 4 MB)

My North Carolina Atlas: A Child's Atlas of North Carolina (1997)

Part One (PDF, 5 MB)

Part Two (includes Teacher's Guide) (PDF, 6 MB)

North Carolina's Rivers! Lesson Plans and Maps (2001)

Part One: Preface; Topics 1-6 (PDF, 6 MB)

Part Two: Topic 7; North Carolina Water Atlas (PDF, 5 MB)

Hurricane Floyd: Causes and Consequences (2002)

Part I (PDF, 11 MB)

Part II (PDF, 2 MB)

Part III (PDF, 14 MB)

A State Transformed: Latino Immigration into North Carolina (2007)

A State Transformed Pamphlet (PDF, 3 MB)

A State Transformed Activities (PDF, 4 MB)


The following powerpoints are presentations created by NCGA Teacher Consultants that have accompanied presentations for summer institutes, conferences, and in classrooms. Teachers are invited to use these presentations in their classrooms and in workshop settings. These presentations are not intended to be used commercially in any way. (2007)

Frameworks of Geography

Frameworks of Geography: The What and Why of Geography (PPT, 4 MB)

Open the Envelope: Introducing the Five Themes of Geography (PPT, 373 KB)

The Five Themes of Geography (PPT, 7 MB)

Geography for Life: The Six Essential Elements (PPT, 6 MB)

"O,SAE Can You See?" Developing a Geographic Eye (PPT, 20 MB)

Regional Geography

South America's Place in the World (PPT, 3 MB)

South America by Region (PPT, 6 MB)

South America Quiz (PPT, 232 KB)

South America Overview (PPT, 431 KB)

Europe's Place in the World (PPT, 3 MB)

Cultural Landmarks of Europe  (PPT, 941 KB) & Cultural Landmarks Worksheet (DOC, 28 KB)

Contributions of Ancient Greece (PPT, 3 MB)

Contributions of Ancient Rome (PPT, 2 MB)

Governments of the UK and Northern Europe (PPT, 546 KB)

Water in the Middle East (PPT, 535 KB)

United States Regions

The Northeast (PPT, 8 MB)

The Southeast (PPT, 22 MB)

The Midwest (PPT, 30 MB)

The Southwest (PPT, 12 MB)

The West Part I (PPT, 15 MB) & The West Part II (PPT, 22 MB)

Geography to Go

Geography to Go: A Guide Planning and Having a Geography Family Fun Night (2014) (PDF, 1 MB)