Graduate Student Theses


Balcomb, James Nathaniel: Structure-from-Motion based Vegetation Modeling and Shade Estimation

Cooper, Courtney: Human Systems in Watershed Modeling: A Literature Review of Integrated Watershed Models in the United States

Davis, Monica Jean: Flood Modeling and the Influence of Digital Terrain Models: A Case Study of the Swannanoa River in North Carolina


Hutchins, Maya Gabrielle: The Finer Things in Life: Comparing High Resolution Fossil Fuel Carbon Dioxide Emissions Inventories 

Swinson, Bobbie Jo: To Restore or Not to Resore? Assessing Pre- Project Conditions of a Habitat Restoration Project on the New River, North Carolina   


Brown, Reese Michael: Oak Regeneration Patterns and Stand Dynamics in Burned and Unburned Forest Stands in Shawnee State Forest, Ohio, USA

Carlyle, Cameron: The Influence of Impervious Surface Location on Water Quality in the Headwaters of the Southern Appalachain Mountains 

French, Jeffery: GIS Analysis of Impacts of TVA Dams on Upstream Residential Property Values in Eastern Tennessee

Hale, Robin L.: The Role of Perception on Water Allocation and Conservation Management in Western North Carolina 

Martin, Martin Timothy: Snowfall Event Characteristics From A High-Elevation Site in the Southern Appalachian Mountain 

Sugg, Johnathan W.: Satellite Perspectives on the Spatial Extent of New Snowfall in the Southern Appalachian Mountains 


Anthony, Matthew Steven: Energy Policy and Social Network Analysis of the Clean Energy Economy in Western North Carolina: A Geographic Perspective on Sustainable Economic Development 

Bartlett, May: The Levee Boards of the Yazoo Mississippi Delta: A Fight to Control the River and Region 

Elliott, Jacob: A Trek Through Time: Geographic Factors Impacting Development of Afrikaner Politics

Finkle, Kaitland Kali: Economic and Community Development Results of Ecotoursim in Costa Rica

Welker, Jonathan A.: Backward Air Trajectories Associated with Snowfall Events in the Southern Appalachian Mountains: 2006 to 2011


Coffey, Chris: Effects of Impervious Surfaces and Forests on Water Quality in a Southern Appalachian Headwater Catchment: A Geospatial Modeling Approach 

Gray, Carla: Factors Influencing Restoration Successs of Abandoned Agricultural Fields on the Lower San Pedro River Terraces, Southeastern Arizona 

Hagevik, Cheryl: Mapping Bolivia's Socio-Political Climate: Evaluation of Multivariate Design Strategies

Kelly, Ginger Marie: Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions in the Souther Appalachian Mountains 

Roberts, Amanda: On the Road to Healthy Communities: Cyclists' Perceptions of the Environment 


Bowman, Lucas: Clifford Joel Sweeney's Role in the Northern Migration of the Traditional Southern Black Banjo: An HGIS Approach 

Kaase, Christopher Todd: The Effects of Stream Restoration on Woody Riparian Vegetation in the Northwestern North Carolina Mountain Region: A Comparative Study of Restored, Degraded, and Reference Sites.

Renwick, Kelly Ann: Indigenous Conservations: An Alternative to the Displacement of Forest Swelling Indigenous and Tribal Populations?"

Saunders, Brandon Scott: Assessing Impacts of Rural Gentrification on an Appalachian Community in Watauga County, NC 

Smith, Stephanie: Contribution of Rural Land Use to Biodiverrsity; a Multi-Scale Study of Organic Farms and Subdivisions in the Southern Appalachians.

Turner, Jacob Richmond: A Geographic Ontology and GIS Model For Carolina Bays 

White, Philip Bradley: Decadel-Scale Trends in Forest Succesion and Climatic Sensativity in a Red Spruce-Fraser Fir Forest at Roan Mountain, Pisgah and Cherokee National Forests 

Ziegler, Sandra Kathleen: The Development of Bridging and Bonding Social Capital Among Sudanese Refugees in Guilford County, North Carolina