Geography & Planning COVID-19 Updates

Geography and Planning COVID-19 Updates

For university-wide information, see App State Coronavirus Information. For department-specific information, please review the following information. If you have additional questions, please email Dr. van de Gevel at Last Updated: June 16th


How will my class be structured in the Fall?
TBA. We are awaiting additional guidance from the University of North Carolina System.

Labs and Software

Are the department labs open?
No, both department labs are closed until further notice.

Can I access the lab software remotely?
Yes, most lab software is available via Click VMware Horizon HTML Access, enter your university credentials, then select Computer Lab (ArcGIS) or Computer Lab GPU (ENVI and Erdas Imagine).

To map to the F: Drive on uDesk, navigate to This PC > Computer > Map Network Drive > select F: as the Drive and enter \\\geopln-class as the Folder > click Finish. To map to the O: Drive on uDesk, navigate to This PC > Computer > Map Network Drive > select O: as the Drive and enter \\\ghypln as the Folder > click Finish.

How do I install and license ArcGIS on my personal computer?
ESRI products, including ArcGIS and ArcGIS Pro, are available for free to students, faculty, and staff (Note: ArcGIS is only compatible with Windows.). For additional information, visit If you have specific questions, contact Lauren Andersen (

How do I access ESRI Trainings?
ESRI Trainings ( are a great way to pass the time while building your knowledge of ArcGIS. For access to ESRI Trainings, complete the webform at For course recommendations, contact Lauren Andersen (

International Study Abroad

Is the summer international study abroad program still happening?
No, "Climate Change, Glaciers, and Water Resources" - scheduled for Summer I 2020 - has been cancelled. For additional information, visit If you have specific questions, please contact Dr. Martin (