Technology FAQs

General Technology Questions

I am in a lab and/or classroom and equipment is not functioning properly, what should I do? 

For all technology issues, please put in a request at, the technology staff will be there to assist you as soon as they can. Generally all requests are resolved within a 24 hour period. For immediate needs call 262-TECH. **Please be detailed when describing the problem as this helps the staff resolve them faster!**

ArcGIS Questions

I want ArcGIS on my office or home computer. Is this possible?

Yes! To install ArcGIS on an office computer click on the software center icon on your desktop. If you run into any issues put in a support request at

To install ArcGIS on a laptop or non-networked center please check out the information on the software installation page.

I just installed ArcGIS 10.1 and I can't connect to the SDE, what should I do?

Please see our SDE Database connection page for a How To Guide on connecting to the SDE database using Arc 10.1.

I just installed ArcGIS 10.1 an I now I can't open any Excel files, what is going on?

It sounds like you have a missing component. Download and install this Microsoft patch which will get you back in business.

I had ArcGIS installed on my laptop or non-networked computer and now I am getting a message that the license is about to expire, how to I fix this?

Fill out or ESRI Single Use Renewal Webform and a new license file will be emailed to you. **You MUST be currently enrolled or employed by Appalachian State University to receive an updated license. Single Use licenses expire on July 30th each year.**

I took a GIS class and I am dying to learn more, are there opportunities for additional training?

Absolutely, check out our ESRI Training Webform for information on additional training opportunities.

ERDAS Questions

I want ERDAS on my office or home computer. Is this possible?

Yes! As of Fall 2013 we now have student licenses available for ERDAS. Please submit a request using this webform, once you receive your LAC please follow the detailed instructions found at the top of the webform. You will be responsible for installing the software on your personal computer. **You MUST be currently enrolled or employed by Appalachian State University to receive a license. Single Use licenses expire on August 30th each year.**

I need to use ERDAS, where is it installed on campus?

ERDAS is licensed and managed through the Geography and Planning Department, this software is available in Rankin Science West 335 and 346. 

Lab Software Questions

I want to run the same software setup that we have in RSW346 lab, where can I find all the software? 

See above for installations of ERDAS and ArcGIS. Unfortunately, CorelDraw is not available to our student population. For a list of software available to students through the university visit this page. All other software installed on the machines are generally free downloads from third party developers. Doing a quick google search will get you these download pages.