GIS Labs & Drives

GIScience Labs


The Geographic Information Science (GIScience) Laboratory is located in the Department of Geography & Planning. It is managed by a full-time system administrator. The lab consists of two classrooms, one room for public use (Rankin Science West 346) and a second room for teaching use (Rankin Science West 335). The labs contain Dell Precision workstations running Windows 10. The lab computers are part of the university network and use a cloud-based storage system. The main software packages for geographic analysis and map production include ArcGIS 10.x, ENVI 5.x, and Adobe Creative Suite 6. In addition, lab facilities include one color and one black-and-white printer. The Department of Geography & Planning also manages a SDE database, which houses most spatial and digital data for Watauga County and is easily accessible via the GIScience Labs.

Spring and Fall Lab Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8 AM – 9 PM
Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 1 PM – 5 PM

These hours vary during holidays and finals. Hours can be viewed on the Google Calendar. Note: When the university cancels classes, the computer lab closes as well.

Research Labs

There are two research labs located in the department. The labs provide undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to collaborate with faculty on research projects. These labs contain several high-end workstations for data processing. 

Computation and Visualization Lab

The College of Arts and Sciences maintains the Visualization Lab for research requiring higher computing power. The lab is located in Rankin Science West 274. College of Arts & Sciences faculty can request access to the lab for themselves or students working on research projects that would benefit from using these computers.

Geography and Planning Network Drives

*Drives are only available to students enrolled in courses in the Department of Geography & Planning*

F: Drive – Students – "Geography"

This drive offers 1) A permanent workspace for enrolled graduate students and 2) A course-specific workspace for any student enrolled in department courses requiring computer-based labs. Drive contents are secure and backed up regularly. They are removed at the end of each semester. This drive can be accessed on all campus computers via uStor: \\\GeoPln-Class.

O: Drive – Data –"GHYPLN"

This drive is read-only and contains data and materials used in department classes.

ArcSDE Database

The Department of Geography & Planning maintains a spatial database which provides GIS data for educational and research purposes.

How Do I Connect to the GIS Database? (Google Document)
ArcSDE Connection File (Google Drive)