Global Change Lab

The Global Environmental Change Lab enables students to explore the inter-relationships among the Earth’s complex environmental systems and the methodologies used by a diverse group of scientists (e.g., atmospheric chemists, biologists, climatologists, dendroecologists, geographers, paleoclimatologists, snow scientists, etc.). Labs within the Global Environmental Change courses will provide students with a sound understanding of the patterns and processes of climate change, as well as introduce them to the scientific method of inquiry through active approaches such as data collection, data analysis, evaluation, and discussion.

Examples of Labs conducted in the new Global Environmental Change Lab:

  • Hypothesis Generation and Testing
  • Global Biomes and Climate
  • Species Imperilment and Extinction
  • Mastodon Matrix and Ice Age Environments
  • Dendrecology of Eastern Deciduous Forests

students in lab activitystudents in lab activity on Sanford Mall