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 * Internships are considered classes. You need to find a department faculty supervisor who will monitor your internship. You will turn in reports, and you will receive a grade from your faculty supervisor. Guidelines and objectives are listed above. Please read completely the "CAS Internship Contract" (below), and remember  you will be billed for the amount of hours required for that course.  After filling out the contract completely (see below for the link to the CAS Internship Contract), you will need to get the "special course form" , so you can be registered for the class. The "special course form"  will require our Department Chair approval,  and the CAS Dean's approval, and finally to the Registrar's office-so they can register you for the class. The "special course form" is located in our Department's main office.

*All Internship or Independent Study Contracts must be copied and placed in students file, please give to our office secretary*

  • Internship Contract, you also need a special course form, available from the GHY/PLN office to register.

*Graduate students - the limit you can register in 5500 & selected topics 5530-5549 is 25% from your total POS hours.