Internship Guidelines and Contract

Students earning a Bachelor of Science in Geography (GIS Concentration) or Bachelor of Science in Community & Regional Planning are required to complete a 6 credit-hour internship (400 hours of work; 10 forty-hour weeks). For insurance reasons, internships are considered classes (GHY/PLN 4900: Internship in Geography & Planning) that you must register for before beginning your internship. Additionally, you need to find a department faculty supervisor who will monitor your internship. You will turn in weekly reports, and you will receive a final grade from your faculty supervisor. For assistance finding an internship, visit the Career Development Center.

Please read completely the "Internship Contract" (below). After filling out the contract completely, you will need to complete a Special Course Form, so you can be registered for the course. Note: This form requires approval from: 1) the Department Chair, 2) the College of Arts & Sciences Dean, and 3) the Registrar's Office.

Before the Internship:

After the Internship:

Example Internship Papers: