Bachelor of Arts in Geography

B.A. Geography (242A) 

Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography (242A) 
Requires GHY 1010 and GHY 1020 or GHY 1040 as prerequisites. 
The degree consists of 42 semester hours of Geography and Planning above the 1999 level.

Required courses include the following:

  • GHY 2310 Cartographic Design and Analysis 
  • GHY 2812 Geospatial Data and Technology
  • GHY 3800 Intro to Quantitative Methods
  • GHY 4830 Senior Seminar
  • PLN 2410 Town, City and Regional Planning

Geography Electives (27 semester hours total) including the following:

  • 3 s.h. each from geographic methods, physical geography, human geography, and regional geography.
  • 15 s.h. of geography electives which must include a minimum of 9 s.h. in 3000 or 4000 level geography courses
  • 6 s.h. (max) in 3000 or 4000 level planning courses may be applied to the geographic electives.
  • Foreign language is also required.

A candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree may not count more than 40 hours total above core curriculum requirements in Geography.