Certificate in Geographic Information (GIS) Systems (Undergraduate)

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate (140A)

A cumulative GPA of 2.5+ in the courses is required for the undergraduate certificate.

The undergraduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) requires the following:

9 s.h. of required courses:

  • GHY/PLN 2812: Geospatial Technology in a Changing World (3)
  • GHY 3812: Geographic Information Systems (3)
  • GHY 4812: GIS Analysis and Modeling (3)

3-4 s.h. of elective courses:

  • CS 2435: Introduction to Scientific Programming (4)

  • GHY 4810: Satellites, Drones, and Spatial Analysis (3)

  • GHY 4815: GIS Programming and Databases (3)

  • GHY 4816: GIScience and Water Resources (3)

  • GHY 4818: Web Mapping (3)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I add the GIS Certificate?

A: To add the GIS Certificate, navigate to College of Arts & Sciences: Request for Change of Major/Minor/Catalog Year. In the "Add This Certificate" box, enter "GIS Certificate."

Q: How can I request an official GIS Certificate?

A: To request a digital version of your GIS Certificate, complete the GIS Certificate Request Form.