Bachelor of Science in Geography, GIS Concentration

B.S. in Geography (GIS Concentration) (241D) 

Required courses include the following:

  • GHY 1010: Global Environmental Systems
  • GHY 1020: Exploring People and Places Globally or 1040: Human Geography and Social Justice
  • GHY 2310: Cartographic Design and Analysis 
  • GHY/PLN 2812: Geospatial Technology in a Changing World
  • GHY 3000: Communicating Geographic Information or 3011: Europe Past and Present or 3320: Environmental Issues in Appalachia
  • GHY 3310: Environmental Remote Sensing
  • GHY/PLN 3800: Introduction to Quantitative Methods or STT 2860: Introduction to Data Management and Visualization
  • GHY 3812: Geographic Information Systems
  • GHY 4810: Satellites, Drones, and Spatial Analysis
  • GHY 4812: GIS Analysis and Modeling
  • GHY/PLN 4830: Professional Development in Geography and Planning
  • GHY 4900: Internship in Geography and Planning
  • PLN 2410: Town, City and Regional Planning

Elective courses include the following:

  • 3 s.h. each from geographic methods, physical geography, human geography, and regional geography.
  • 9 s.h. of geography electives at the 2000-4000 level. 6 s.h. (max) in 3000 or 4000 level planning courses may be applied to the geographic electives.
  • 12-13 s.h. of free electives.

Click here to see an example portfolio from a student in this program (Jessica Mitchell, 2020).