Robert E. Reiman Scholarship Planning Scholarship

Robert E. Reiman Planning Scholarship

The Department of Geography and Planning is seeking applicants for the Robert E. Reiman Planning Scholarship. The department will award one scholarship to a rising junior or senior who meets the eligibility requirements:

  • Student is majoring in Community & Regional Planning and/or Geography 
  • Student will be a junior or senior during the following academic year (currently a sophomore or junior)
  • Student must have satisfactory academic achievement (3.0+ GPA)
  • Student must be full-time (12+ semester hours)

* Financial need will be a consideration when making the award.

The Department Awards and Honors Committee will review the applications for the Robert E. Reiman Scholarship and recommend a recipient to the Chair of the Department; the decision of the Committee and Chair will be final.

Past Recipients:

  • 2022 - Malikia Cherubala, Stephen Poupart
  • 2021 - Malikia Cherubala
  • 2020 - Stephen Poupart
  • 2019 - Hannah Bagli
  • 2018 - Nicholas O'Reilly
  • 2017 - Connor Jones
  • 2016 - Connor Jones
  • 2015 - Shai Lev