Art Rex


M.A., Geography, Appalachian State University, 1980
B.A., Geography, Slippery Rock University, 1977

Interests and Research

Art Rex is the first Director of Space Management and Planning at Appalachian and has been in that role since 2005. He will oversee and implement a campus-wide scheduling package (Series 25) that will analyze space utilization and optimization. He is also acting as Appalachian’s Geographic Information Officer (2016) and is in the process of developing a suite of services and applications for Appalachian.

He is active with several GIS projects at Appalachian that include undergraduate and/or graduate students giving them valuable and practical GIS experiences. 

Art was instrumental in acquiring a NCGS (North Carolina Geodetic Survey) GPS base-station located in the department. The base-station is a byproduct of the $64 million project to capture LIDAR data for more accurate floodplain mapping of the state. The base-station gives local GPS users the ability to correct their data. It is fully functional and has RTK capabilities ( In 2016 the station has added a NCGS weather data collection device (Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT530 Series) alongside of the GPS Base Station. The goal is to develop a NC GPS MET network across NC.

Art continues to be involved in soccer as the NCYS Vice President of Player and Coaching Development. He continues to coach in the NC Olympic Development Program. Additionally, he serves as a State & National instructor delivering USSF coaching license courses. He was inducted into the Appalachian Athletics Hall of Fame (2007), Slippery Rock Hall of Fame (1988), and the Fox Chapel Hall of Fame (1999). 

Selected Publications


Rex, A.B. et al. Boone Region, Outdoor Recreation Map and Guide, Revised Edition. Blue Planet Publishing, Inc., Boone, NC.

Rex, A.B., Watauga County Road Map. Appalachian State University Department of Geography and Planning, Boone, NC.


Mathews, Leah Greden and Art Rex with Anne Lancaster, “Using Participatory GIS to Improve Community Land Use Decisions: A Demonstration Using TVAL-Farm”, Inventive Approaches for Technology Integration and Information Resources Management, Chapter 3. September 2014.

Rex Art, Leah Greden Mathews and Anne Lancaster, “TVAL-Farm: A Qualitative Enhancement of the LESA Model”, Geographic Information Systems: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (4 Volumes), Chapter 32, pp. 529-539, March 2013.

Rex, Art, and Leah Greden Matthews, “TVAL-Farm, A Qualitative Enhancement of the LESA Model”, International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research, Fall 2011.  

Mathews, Leah Greden, A. B. Rex,  "Incorporating scenic quality and cultural heritage into farmland valuation: Results from an enhanced LESA model" Journal of Conservation Planning Vol 7 (2011) 39 – 59

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Li, X., C.M. Larson, and A.B. Rex. "Creating Buffers on Surfaces." Cartography and Geographic Information Science. Fall 2005.


Gade, Ole, Art Rex, and James Young. North Carolina: People and Environments, 2nd edition. Parkway Publishers Inc., Boone, NC, 2002.

Title: Instructor & Institutional Research and Planning Director
Department: Geography and Planning

Email address: Email me

Phone: (828) 262-6911

Office address
BB Dougherty Room 200


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