Dr. Bhuwan Thapa


Graduate Certificate, Data Science, University of Missouri, 2021

Ph.D., Geography, University of Arizona, 2018

M.P.P., Public Policy, University of Maryland, 2009

B.Sc., Environmental Science, McNeese State University, 2006

B.Sc., Environmental Science, St. Xavier’s College, Nepal, 2003


I am a human-environment geographer with research interests in nature-based solutions for climate risk management, community-based climate adaptation, urban food system, agroforestry, water-food-energy nexus, and irrigated agriculture. My research integrates social and ecological dimensions through system-based frameworks. As an interdisciplinary scholar, I use a wide variety of tools and techniques including spatial analysis, econometric modeling, data science, mixed methods, and policy analysis. Some of my current projects include windbreaks and climate risk management, nature-based solutions for urban climate resilience, and urban food system in the US and South Asia.


  • GHY 1012: Global Change of the Biosphere
  • PLN 2410: Town, City and Regional Planning
  • PLN 4030/5030: Planning for Climate Resilience
  • PLN 4460/5460: Environmental Policy and Planning


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Title: Assistant Professor, Quantitative Modeling of Food Systems; Water-Food-Energy Nexus; Climate Resilience; Environmental Decision-Making
Department: Geography and Planning

Email address: Email me

Phone: (828) 262-7052

Office address
Rankin Science West 369


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