Rosie Tighe

Rosie Tighe

Dr. J. Rosie Tighe, Assistant Professor
357 Rankin Science West

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Community & Regional Planning, University of Texas at Austin, 2009
M. A., Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy, Tufts University, 2004.
B. A., English and Government, Connecticut College, May 1998



Research and Interests:

Dr. Tighe's teaching and research focus on issues related to affordable housing, racial and class policies, and urban politics. She is a regular contributor to the National Housing Institute blog, "Rooflines".


  • Land Use Regulations: This course teaches students about the uses and limitations of land use regulations at the local government level. Topical discussion includes the U.S. system of land use controls and constitutional limitations on public control of private property; the structure of local zoning and subdivision ordinances; legal and administrative perspectives relating to land use regulations in local government decision-making; property developer rights and concerns; the site review process; environmental land use regulations; and planning ethics.
  • Town, City, & Regional Planning: This course introduces students to community and regional planning. Topical discussion includes the planning process; the relationship between planning and interactions of human occupants with the physical environment; and processes, concepts, and theories that help to interpret cultural and physical patterns on the landscape.
  • Senior Seminar: This course provides a ‘capstone’ experience for graduating Planning majors, with a balance between academic and practical experiences. Topics generally covered include: resume design and cover letter writing, portfolio development, preparation for job interviews, internship experiences, graduate school opportunities, and what it means to be a planner.
  • Planning Techniques: This course introduces students to the tools and techniques they need to become familiar with as they explore the field of planning and urban policy. This class is hands-on, lab-based class that includes gaining expertise with surveys, interviews, observation, census data analysis, economic data analysis, public outreach mechanisms, and site planning.
  • Housing Policy and Planning: The purpose of this course is to provide an historical overview of housing policy in the United States while emphasizing the four roles housing plays in our society: Housing as Shelter; Housing as Home; Housing as Investment; and Housing as Industry. US housing policy has emphasized some of these roles more than others throughout its history, resulting in an amalgamation of cautious and disjointed programs rather than a cohesive housing policy.
  • Community Development: This course introduces students to conventional and alternative approaches to community development. Students will have the opportunity to study aims and strategies employed by community development professionals, activists, and community members in urban and rural settings. Topics for reading and discussion included: poverty and race, affordable housing, economic revitalization, environmental justice, and public participation in planning. ( Dual listed with PLN 5470)
  • Planning Theory and Process: The goal of this course is to help you understand the evolution of urban and regional planning and the changing concepts that have guided this evolution. Planners have been often criticized throughout the history of their profession, and yet the need for planning has been consistently recognized. Within this historical context, we will explore the development of theories about how we ought to plan. Despite apparent changes in approach over time, we will identify consistent tensions and debates surrounding the role of planning and planners, and the ethical obligations of planners.   


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