Gabrielle Katz

Dr. Katz doing field researchDr. Gabrielle Katz, Associate Professor
375 Rankin Science West
(828) 262-7233

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D., Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder , 2001
M. A., Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder , 1996
B. A., Geological Sciences, Brown University , 1991

Interests and Research:

I am a biogeographer specializing in riparian ecosystems, ecological restoration, and non-native species distributions. As a geographer, my interdisciplinary research incorporates ideas and techniques from ecology, hydrology, and geomorphology in seeking to understand how human activities impact landscapes and plant communities. Much of my research focuses on the role of ground water and surface water hydrology in shaping riparian plant communities. For example, my doctoral research examined the effects of flood control (by a dam) on downstream riparian forests in the Great Plains. Current research examines the effects of groundwater pumping and hydrologic restoration on riparian ecosystems of the San Pedro River in southeastern Arizona, and investigates urban biogeography of dry washes in Tucson, Arizona. Additional research projects address the factors influencing restoration success of abandoned agricultural fields in southeastern Arizona, and the ecosystem effects of Russian olive removal on Great Plains riparian forests. I am also currently conducting an experiment testing whether Russian olive has developed latitudinal variation in its winter chilling requirement for bud burst in it its North American range. I have advised graduate research projects addressing the effects of stream restoration on riparian vegetation of headwater streams in northwestern North Carolina, and land use effects on rural biodiversity in northwestern North Carolina..


Undergraduate Teaching:

Introduction to Physical Geography, Honors Physical Geography, Environmental Issues in Appalachia, Geography of Biodiversity, Senior Seminar.


Graduate Teaching:

Research Themes & Methods in Geography, Biogeography & Ecosystem Management, Biogeography of Food & Agriculture.



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Book Chapters:

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